Holotuarias or holoturoides by its scientific name, although it´s usually known by different names, i.e. in Mexico, we call it sea cucumber. In Spain, we found out that its name goes by “el carajo de mar”. These kinds of animals can be cataloged as echinoderms among those others whose body shape resemblance a large worm and its texture can be soft. The sea cucumber can be found from 20 to 25 meters (65 to 86 ft. approx.) deep in the ocean and nowadays there are a little bit more than 1,500 different kind of mollusk species.


As we all know the sales of this product are from the Asian communities, which of course, we sell the product to two different places (Hong Kong and Los Angeles, California) since in these two places is where our buyers are located and throughout time have been getting our product and of course these aren’t the only places that consume sea cucumber.

Elaboration process

1 – The process begins since the diver or fisherman gets the mollusk, when this happens the product needs special and specific cares so no harm comes to the “el carajo de mar”. First of all, it needs to be introduced into salt water containers and ice, if this process is not to be followed, the skin of the cucumber begins to deteriorate rapidly, therefore, the quality of the product gets compromised and it affects directly the final sale of our product.

2 – Once the product arrives to land, it has to be transported to the processor plant, which it will begin the cooking process, as described below.

  1. Salted water will be poured into a boiler and will get heated until the right heating point.
  2. Once the salt water mentioned above is ready, the cucumber it is introduced inside of it and will boil for approximately 60 minutes.
  3. When the cucumber is already boiled and ready, this will be taken out of the boiler and immediately deposited into containers with salt, it’s vital to point out that the salt utilized in this process are categorized to contain a high grade of iodo, to this process we call it “salmuera” and the main objective of this step is that the product loses the most quantity of water. This process takes about 24 hours to be completed.
  4. After the “salmuera” process is done, the product is taken out from the salt and cleaned out to wash away the salt to get ready for the classification process, same process that requires in separating the sea cucumber by sizes and skin quality that are still present after the boiling, “salmuera” and cleaning. The classifications are divided into two categories, “A” and “B”. “A” being the highest classification.
  5. To finalize the whole process, the product gets packed in boxes for its exportation, having a net weight of 15 kilograms (33 pounds)

3 – Numbers. The whole process of capturing and elaboration of the product has a cost of $31 Dlls. The sea cucumber is pretended to be sold at $35 to $37 Dlls. At the city of Los Angeles, California. Achieving with this a profit of $4 to $7 Dlls. Per kilogram (2.2 pounds) sold.