Keebuu Group delivers significant impact to organizations undergoing or anticipating profound change or facing strategic discontinuities or risks. We provide guidance drawn from deep expertise on leading the institution, structuring its operations and improving its performance, building organizational capabilities, and doing its work. We work with our clients – sometimes over the course of years – to identify their challenges and then master the changes required for both short term and long term success.

We work with clients who face major strategic discontinuities and risks to transform their business models. This transformation can take many different forms, such as a major repositioning of the customer value proposition, a move to a simpler, lower-cost operating model, or a fundamental change in the relationship with suppliers. A common theme is the need to run a major change program to see through this transition – which always requires significant upgrades in the capabilities of the business, usually over the course of several years.
Keebuu Group’s Organization Transformation business works with C-suite leaders and business unit executives to design and implement large-scale transformation across the enterprise. We offer consulting services throughout the entire transformation process, including strategy execution, organizational review, implementation support, and attainment of measurable results to achieve a real and lasting impact.


Keebuu Group provides an array of capabilities to support investment decision making, backed by deep expertise across diverse industry sectors. Our clients include private equity funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, investment banks, commercial banks, arrangers, strategic investors, and insurers.


Keebuu Group has a dedicated cross-industry team helping clients not only to capitalize on the opportunities created by digital technology but also to anticipate and neutralize the strategic threats.

Digital means many things to many people. We believe the topic encompasses two broad areas:

  1. A value migration issue, posing questions about an incumbent’s strategy, organization, vision, and capabilities.
  1. A performance improvement issue, where digital is the technology that enables a significant improvement in an enterprise’s costs, revenue, and agility.

Keebuu Group brings strategic expertise, a deep understanding of digital performance improvement and transformation, and the ability to support critical enablers of digital businesses (such as analytics) to its engagements.


Strategic improvements to Operations and IT can make a huge impact on the return a firm earns on a particular business design.  Keebuu Group is able to bring market-leading IT organization design, IT economics management, Lean Six Sigma, and Sourcing expertise to clients across a broad range of industries. A detailed understanding of the business drivers of profit and business performance in industries like financial services, aviation, and high-tech allows us to apply specialized skills and methodologies to improve cost, quality and delivery.


Keebuu Group Risk Management works with CFOs and other senior finance and risk management executives of leading corporations and financial institutions. We provide a range of services that provide effective, customized solutions to the challenges presented by the evolving roles, needs and priorities of these individuals and organizations


As one of the world’s premier corporate strategy consulting firms, Keebuu Group helps leading enterprises develop, build, and operate strong businesses that deliver sustained shareholder value growth. We look at strategy from the «outside in,» finding strategic insight through a robust understanding of current and future customer priorities. We harness thought leadership in the key areas below to deliver breakthrough recommendations to clients.


The Sustainability Center at Keebuu Group supports leading companies and governments around the world in their efforts to foster economic growth while encouraging more responsible use of natural resources and environmental protection. Backed by the deep expertise of our specialized industry practices, we collaborate with clients to identify sustainable solutions across a wide range of industries and in the public sector. Keebuu Group offers strategies and tools that can identify opportunities to improve resource usage, capitalize on clean tech, and meet changing customer demands, while mitigating resource-related risks.


Keebuu Group’s global Value Sourcing practice helps organizations transform procurement into a strong competitive advantage, delivering sustained value

We offer a unique blend of:

  • Sourcing expertise: category knowledge, best practices and methodologies.
  • Transformation capabilities: our capability to elevate & broaden the Procurement topic and deliver skill transfer, talent management, culture, practices & organizational change, and capability building
  • Client enabling approaches: effective execution and sustainability, supported by leading edge tools and methodologies, to build efficient operating models
  • Guaranteed performance: capacity to enter innovative gain-sharing relationships